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Langford University
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Once upon a time, there was a group of people who made the Stargate program and the Atlantis expedition a reality. But this isn't that story, because that story airs every Friday on SciFi. Instead, this is the story of the same group of people, magically transported to the campus of Langford University, in the middle of nowhere (read: Nebraska).

This is an open AU community (though there are a few rules, enumerated later) much like firemanverse and denver_legal, in that it takes the characters of Stargate and plops them into a totally different environment to see what happens. ;) In this case, they've become the faculty, staff, and (occasionally) students of a fictional university. Still interested? Here's how it goes:


  • Henry Hayes, president of the university: Recently hired, he has to negotiate a warring board of trustees, tightening funding, and, of course, the students and teachers of the school.

  • George Hammond, Board of Trustees: A retired Air Force general, he's an alumnus of Langford University, and an old friend of President Hayes.

  • Robert Kinsey, Board of Trustees: Generally considered more meddlesome than he's worth, Kinsey is constantly looking for ways to save money and is constantly running afoul of Jack O'Neill. Rumor has it he wanted Hayes' job.

  • Jack O'Neill, Board of Trustees: After inheriting a sports team from a wealthy uncle, Jack sent his son, Charlie, to school at Langford University, where he was intending to play baseball for Coach Reynolds. However, in the middle of his freshman year, he was killed in a car accident, at which point Jack set up the school's largest scholarship program in Charlie's honor. Because of this, Kinsey can't convince people to get rid of Jack. Jack also has a thing for one of the physics professors.

  • Paul Davis, public relations: Constantly kept on his toes by the War of the Trustees, Davis is more than happy to stay out of the Physics Department War.

  • Catherine Langford, admissions: Daughter of the wealthy man who founded the college, Catherine is responsible for bringing a bright and energetic crop of new students in to torment the faculty.

  • Teal'c, director of foreign exchange program: Having once been the outsider thrown into a foreign world, Teal'c takes great pride in his work, bringing new perspectives to familiar situations and helping others find a place at Langford.


  • Doctor Elizabeth Weir, Dean of the School of Law: A diplomat with a lengthy resumé of negotiations and treaties brokered who decided to start teaching, Elizabeth recently took the position of Dean after President Hayes coaxed her into it. She still prefers the classroom, though, and tries to teach at least one class a term.

  • Doctor Samantha Carter, physics professor: Part I of the Physics Department War. (For Part II, see Doctor Rodney McKay.) Sam Carter is a beautiful, brilliant woman with a tendency toward bad relationships.

  • Doctor Rodney McKay, physics professor: Part II of the Physics Department War. Self-described as an extremely arrogant man who thinks all his plans will work, he's constantly at battle with Doctor Sam Carter, who's right more often and rebuffs his (frequent) advances.

  • Doctor Radek Zelenka, physics professor: For all the negotiating he does to keep Carter and McKay from blowing up the whole school, Radek figures he can accompany Doctor Weir on her next diplomatic mission and do a pretty good job.

  • Doctor Daniel Jackson, archaeology professor: Despite seeming like an Indiana Jones wannabe, the rather attractive Daniel Jackson seems totally oblivious to the crowd of girls outside his office. . .

  • Doctor Jonas Quinn, research fellow: Working with the renowned archaeologist Daniel Jackson is quite a treat for Jonas, though dealing with large groups of young women wasn't exactly in the brochure.

  • Doctor John Sheppard, mathematics professor: As the college's most popular math professor, John is quite keenly aware of the crowd of girls outside his office, and frequently escapes to Elizabeth Weir's to wait it out.

  • Doctor Jacqueline Hathor, biology professor: Possibly the only thing that Doctors Weir, Carter, and Fraiser have in common is mutual loathing of Jacqueline Hathor. She's very good at what she does, but constantly throwing herself at all the men on the faculty has brought her nothing but contempt from her female colleagues. Most of them are wondering how long she'll last if that behavior ever extends to her male students.

  • Doctor Oma Desala, philosophy professor: An expert at giving vague answers (if nothing else), Oma, along with the rest of the philosophy department, strives to stay above the inter- and intradepartmental wars waged around the school. However, she does periodically drop by Doctor Jackson's office to offer him a position as philosophy professor.

  • Doctor Carson Beckett, medical professor: This brilliant Scottish doctor is quite comfortable with quadruple bypass surgery in front of a few hundred observers, but a fear of public speaking has kept Carson off the lecture circuit and in the classroom. Additionally, he doesn't quite understand why it is that Catherine Langford thinks he's such a sweetie.

  • Doctor Janet Fraiser, director of the campus health clinic: The compassionate and innovative Janet Fraiser runs a tight ship, and probably the only college health center in the country that isn't accused of making its patients worse.

  • Dave Dixon, coach: When not busy being father of four, Dave coaches the school's football team. He and his wife are also good friends of Elizabeth Weir.

  • Erik Reynolds, coach: As the school's baseball coach, Reynolds has an astounding record, but the school's bias toward football keeps him consistently underfunded. However, Jack O'Neill's position on the Board of Trustees gives him a much-needed ally.

  • Aiden Ford

  • Teyla Emmagan

  • Satterfield

  • Grogan

  • Elliot

  • Jennifer Hailey

  • Skaara

  • Jon O'Neill, Jack's nephew, who looks quite a lot like his Uncle Jack. . .

  • Harry Maybourne: Owner of a local bar, Maybourne often finds himself at odds with the college and the law because of questionable carding practices.

  • Apophis: It's been so long since anyone called him by his legal name that no one knows what it is anymore. Apophis is a local drug dealer and gang leader who operates out of Maybourne's bar, and has skirted certain doom more than once. He's often accompanied by the brothers Steve and Bob.

  • The Wraith, football rivals

  • The Vipers, baseball rivals (nicknamed Snakeheads by Jack O'Neill

If you want to bring in a new character or develop a character's back story, go right ahead. He'll be added to the list, and information will be altered. Also, feel free to start discussions on how a given character would fit into the universe.

So earlier I mentioned some rules. Fics and art are obviously adored, but NC17 fics and art are not allowed. Sorry!

Please put fics and large images behind cuts, to save space on friends pages.

As for ships, this community leans toward Sam/Jack and Sheppard/Weir.

So, thanks for sitting through all that. Your host this evening is melyanna. Some character information came from mylittleredgirl, pirateexchange, j_guda, and smallgirl75, along with a couple people not involved with LJ.