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Chronological Order

This is the second of two files, this one giving the chronological order I pulled together for the langford_u stories. If you see any errors/conflicts/details I missed, please let me know and I can easily edit it.

Langford U Chronological Order

"Divide and Subtract"

"Matchmaking and the EPA

"Hallowed Halls"

Many Uses

"The Teal Killer

"Black Coffee

"The Fundraiser"

"Dinner and Taxes
"Rumor Mill

"Laws of Motion (aka Physics Department War)" Part 1
"Laws of Motion (aka Physics Department War)" Part 2
"Laws of Motion (aka Physics Department War)" Part 3

A Series of Unfortunate Events

"Doctor Elizabeth Weir gawks at shirtless Doctor John Sheppard"

Doctor John Sheppard gawks at Doctor Elizabeth Weir

Out Tonight
Staring Game

Lizzie's Really Really REALLY Bad Day

"Celestial Navigation"

"O Tannenbaum"


"Dot Com"

"Differential Equations"

"The Law Society's Annual Ball"

"Notes from the Underground"
"Notes from the Underground" part deux

"Measure for Measure"



"A Really Stupid Idea

"Prospect Fair"

"Two Bad Days


"An Impromptu Celebration"

Definitely Not the South Side

Dark and Stormy Night

Full Disclosure


"Phone Tag"

Everything's Coming Up... Violets!

"Rocket Science"

"Low Profile"

Last updated: 7/8/06
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